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As far as writing goes, I have not gotten nearly as much done as I wanted to. I’ve been struggling to get my sleep schedule back on track and I finally did a few days ago, so woohoo! One late-night of hanging out with friends at this age can really throw you off for a while, I’m ancient as far as college students go. Still, I have a good amount of pages done, but that is mainly because there’s a lot of images involved, which actually takes me a lot longer to format and stuff than to type, but that’s because I’m nit-picky visually. Unfortunately a tired mind is far less functional with writing than it is image scouting, uploading, and formatting.

A part of me doesn’t like how many images are used in this section, where I outline my woes as a die-hard Rey Mysterio fan in the modern-day. So I might do illustrations to replace them instead, because even if not of some maestro art major quality will have far more personality than the pictures will. I’d draw them with a tinge of my emotional response seeped into the moments that they represent. So that is, again, of heavy consideration.

My hands can only take so much though I also use them to lift weights on the side, something that I am not willing to give up, because consistency is key.

One section that I did contemplate writing this week went, not poorly, but became rough. I discussed it with my father, which turned into a professional wrestling discussion, actually (I had to prove to him that WrestleMania III wasn’t even the first time that Hulk Hogan slammed Andre the Giant, a moment that I couldn’t care less about). It just got too emotional. My dad and I tend to avoid bothering others in the household with out problems, so to share a mutual one (the passing of my Uncle and his life) led to dialogue too personally heartfelt to share in my thesis.

I’m TRYING here, and want to include such a pivotal individual to MY story, but it is not something that I’m willing to force.

We’ll see…


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